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A company founded for the sole purpose to explore the true premise of being a Hero. We want to take that message and use it to inspire people of all ages. By bringing these characters to life, we can project a positive meaning that you don’t need a mask to be a hero. 

S4H Short Films

Winter is here. A fun fan film made by Superheroes4Hire and Johnny C Productions.

Imagine Mixed Martial Artist Batman as Jon Snow facing off against a general White Walker.

Synopsis: A few years into the long winter, houses have been decimated by the white walkers. The fight for the Iron Throne has been forgotten; The only battle is the fight for human existence.

The world's most lethal assassin has gone rouge. His unknown origin is based around superior training by several of the world's deadliest organizations. The assassin has stolen and injected himself with super serum. Already an elite martial artist, the assassin now has the strength to challenge the planet's mightiest of heroes.